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On this week’s real talk, featured in episode 1 of the Zave's Wave Podcast, we ask Kaylee...

Are you familiar with the term 'going all natural' or using natural products?

Kaylee: "Yes".

Would you ever consider giving up fast food?

Kaylee: “McDonald's? No. I love McDonalds, I couldn’t do that. I could give up like, Taco Bell, yeah. McDonalds? Naw. I love McDonald’s, I cant help it! I know what they be doing to it, but man… it's good. I cant help it, I love McDonalds”.

So what’s your favorite thing from McDonalds?

Kaylee: I would have to say the French fires.

Zave: The French fries. Is that the best thing?

Kaylee: Oh yes, the French fries… and the hamburgers. Well, the chicken hamburgers. I would say the chicken hamburgers and the fries are A1. The one with the mayo and the uh…

Zave: The McChicken, right?

Kaylee: Yessir!

What do you think is the longest amount of time that you’ve went without fast food?

Kaylee: Whenever I went homeless one point and I didn’t have any money. I was using at that point, so about at least a month, almost a couple of weeks before I got clean.

What do you think is the longest amount of time now that you could go without fast food?

Kaylee: Ugh. I would say 2 days.

Zave: 2 days?

Kaylee: I would say 2 days because I’m actually clean now, so with me being sober and having kids, I eat a lot. So I would have to say like 2 days minimum. I need some food.

*Given the context of the interview, we’re assuming that Kaylee thought we ere referring to food in general, and not just fast food when we asked her this question. What do you think?

How much would someone have to pay you in order to give up McDonalds?

Kaylee: That’s a good question! I would have to say…I’m not gonna be too greedy so I’ll probably say $20. But if it’s really good then. you’ll probably have to go ahead and give me a good number cause I love my McDonalds. So…$50 maybe?

Zave: So are we talking about $50 one time or for the rest of your life?

Kaylee: For the rest of my life.

Zave: Really?

Kaylee: It’s McDonald’s. I love me some McDonald’s. I can’t say no to that.

*Now, whether Kaylee meant $50 every time she went to eat McDonalds or flat out 50, we don’t know. But one thing for sure, Kaylee loves her some McDonalds.

Could you give up fast food?

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